ESTATES is our popular Real Estate web application.. If you are into Real Estate business selling plots, you should definitely try our ESTATES application. It supports all the important modules like Properties/Projects/Plots/Booking/Payment/and so on. There are several other important aspects available that you can understand once you get your hands on our innovative application.

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Business Raja (BR)

Helps you to,

  • Effectively and very efficiently, Manage your Customers / Vendors / Purchases / Sales / Inventory / Payments
  • Maintain your transactions and data from anywhere and anytime
  • Data accuracy. No manual errors.
  • Better control over your business through various reports
  • Most importantly, VOICE BASED DATA ENTRY for Sales and Purchases

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With TMN - you can find your best doctor in no time, and book confirmed appointments based on availability. It has many advanced features.

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We probably have more experience in bike servicing than anyone else around, and we really love to take a well used bike and restore it to perfection.

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